ElderCare Edmonton Statement on COVID-19

ElderCare Edmonton Statement on COVID-19 Closure

In consultation with our program partners, ElderCare Edmonton is announcing the closure of our day programs until further notice. Program Managers are contacting all clients to inform them of the program changes and will stay in touch with clients on a regular basis through telephone calls.
During this temporary ElderCare day program closure, client spaces will be held and there will be no charge to clients during the length of the closure. When we have more information on when we will reopen, you will be contacted by your Program Manager.
Please feel free to contact any member of our management team for more information.

Sandra Stemmer, Executive Director

780-434-4747 (ext. 1201)


Vitality Day Program - Central Lions Seniors Center

Krista Mulbery, Program Manager
780-434-4747 (ext. 1202)

Daybreak Day Program - West End Seniors Activity Center

Katelyn Poulin, Program Manager
780-434-4747 (ext. 1204)