ElderCare Statement

ElderCare Edmonton Statement on COVID-19 Closure

In consultation with our program partners, ElderCare Edmonton is announcing the closure of our day programs until further notice. Program Managers are contacting all clients to inform them of the program changes and will stay in touch with clients on a regular basis through telephone calls.
During this temporary ElderCare day program closure, client spaces will be held and there will be no charge to clients during the length of the closure. When we have more information on when we will reopen, you will be contacted by your Program Manager.
Please feel free to contact any member of our management team for more information.

Sandra Stemmer, Executive Director

780-434-4747 (ext. 107)


Connections Day Program - Fulton Place School
Lindsay Plant, Program Manager
780-434-4747 (ext. 105)

Vitality Day Program - Central Lions Seniors Center

Krista Mulbery, Program Manager
780-434-4747 (ext. 101)

Daybreak Day Program - West End Seniors Activity Center

Katelyn Poulin, Program Manager
780-434-4747 (ext. 106)

Individuals over 60 years of age and those with pre-existing health conditions are most at risk of severe symptoms from COVID-19.

Remember to:

  • wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face
  • cough or sneeze into the bend of your arm
  • avoid touching surfaces people touch often
  • self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 including:
    • cough
    • fever
    • difficulty breathing
  • practice physical distancing

What does physical distancing mean?

This means making changes in your everyday routines in order to minimize close contact with others, including:

  • avoiding crowded places and non-essential gatherings
  • avoiding common greetings, such as handshakes
  • limiting contact with people at higher risk (e.g. older adults and those in poor health)
  • keeping a distance of at least 2 arms lengths (approximately 2 metres) from others, as much as possible

Does this mean social isolation?

Remember, physical distancing (that is, keeping physical distance between people) does not mean social isolation. It is so important to keep seniors engaged. A lot of times, a phone call is what is needed. Social isolation and loneliness can have negative impacts on seniors’ health. We all need to make sure we keep seniors mentally engaged while physically keeping them protected from the infection.

Connect with your community and have fun at our new Well Connected program that’s held every Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am! 

Delivery Services

Getting groceries and prescriptions is difficult for seniors during the pandemic. Our community partners at Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council created this helpful document that lists businesses and services in Edmonton offering grocery delivery for seniors:

*The Italian Center is also offering complimentary grocery delivery with a minimum order of $75. Please note that all orders must be pre-paid by Visa/MasterCard only. 


Support for seniors at home

Seniors can contact 211 if they need help finding resources in their community. 211 is a comprehensive referral system accessible to all Albertans. 

Call or text 2-1-1, or visit ab.211.ca

Here’s a link to a list of COVID resources: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qeHqIGS3T4veKuo3QDARwiOdj_4u8JPHu4dkU93WZoY/edit?usp=sharing

Support for Caregivers

Caregivers Alberta is an organization of caregivers, for caregivers. We focus on the caregiver as an individual- helping them maintain their well-being rather than teaching them how to be better caregivers. You can find their resources here:


At-Home Activities


Seniors centers, businesses, restaurants, gyms, museums and other public places across Canada closed down this month in attempts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are staying home and practicing physical distancing to avoid spreading the viral disease further. 

If you’re not used to spending all of your time at home, whether you live alone or with a partner or with family, you might be feeling a little unsure of how to pass the time for the foreseeable future. Never fear: ElderCare has put together this page to staying physically and mentally healthy from home. 


Activity Booklets

ElderCare’s therapeutic recreation team puts together a Weekly Activity Booklet that is released every Monday. Feel free to share it with your friends and family!

March 29 - April 5

April 6 - April 14

April 14 - April 20

April 20 - April 27


Virtual Tours

Take a trip without leaving the comfort of your own home! Check out the list below to be transported to another part of the world:

Great Wall of China

Northern Lights

Street Art Tours

Bryce Canyon

Versailles Palace

Virtual Dives


MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Taj Mahal

The British Museum

Volcanoes National Park

The National Museum of Natural History

Sistine Chapel

Sydney Opera House


Vienna State Opera

The San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Louvre