History of ElderCare

ElderCare Edmonton is a non-profit organization that offers exceptional services to seniors and caregivers in and around the city of Edmonton. The Association of Adult Day Support Programs evolved from a pilot project in 1979 and was incorporated as a non-profit society on December 20, 1980. The programs were aimed at providing support and care through therapeutic recreational activities to clients in the program and respite and support to family members and caregivers. It all began with one day program held once a week at the Good Samaritan Auxiliary Hospital, expanding to three programs a couple days a week also operating out of Villa Marguerite and the Central Lions Recreation Centre. With the expansion of clients and the increased need for spaces and days offered in the week, our programs eventually moved into the Westend Seniors Centre and continued at the Central Lions Seniors Centre running 5 days a week at both sites, Monday - Friday with 20 client spaces per day. Currently, we have three day programs in the city, our newest one opened on December 10, 2015 located at Fulton School in the Capilano area and runs Tuesday - Friday also with 20 client spaces per day.

In 2006 we signed our first formal contract with Capital Health Authority and soon after changed our name from the Association of Adult Day Support Programs to ElderCare Edmonton Society for Adult Day Programs.

As well in 2006, we increased our scope of services and began offering specific Caregiver Support Services facilitated by a Registered Social Worker. The program is funded through Edmonton Family and Community Support Services. Caregivers play a vital role in the healthcare system, and need protection and guidance because their caregiving demands place them at high risk for burnout, injury and other serious health concerns. These incredible people carry the burden and hardships of care with too few supports in place to help them; we wanted to help provide these essential services. We offer support groups, one-on-one counseling, resource access, educational sessions, form completion, respite services and home visits.

At ElderCare we are extremely passionate about what we do and the many clients we serve, we foster an environment of staff and volunteers who show compassion, kindness, patience and empathy to our clients and to one another. Our programs are a place where seniors come to have fun and feel good, and we foster a community where people feel safe and accepted. Our programs help clients strengthen their independence and quality of life, and have a chance to socialize and be involved in the community rather than isolated or alone. Our Caregiver services provide people a place where they are listened to, we want people to feel good about themselves without any judgments. Our staff are knowledgeable and will advocate for our clients’ needs while providing them with any information or resources they require. All the services we offer are interrelated, without each other we could not provide the caliber of services that we do. Our passion is helping people and we are proud of the growth and changes made to increase the quality and quantity of services we have been able to provide throughout the years. We continually work towards learning and growing and look forward to meeting the needs of our current and future clientele.