August 24, 2016

Program Objectives

  • Assist clients in maintaining independence.
  • Assist clients in remaining active in the community.
  • Provide caregiver and family support.
  • Provide clients with therapeutic recreation.
  • Provide opportunities to build new friendships.

Program Information

ElderCare Edmonton provides therapeutic, recreational day programs for seniors at sites within the community, and respite for their caregivers. We serve seniors with:

  • Fragile health
  • Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia
  • Social isolation

Clients participate in a variety of activities, including exercise programs, educational sessions and cognitive stimulation activities. Nutritional snacks and lunches are served on a daily basis.

Upon admission to the day program, each client is assessed and specific goals for the client are developed. The Program Manager, along with Program Staff, monitors the functioning level and progress of each client while in the program.